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Hypnosis Services

Clinical hypnotherapy: help for anxiety issues, smoking, vaping, stress, habit change, pain, insomnia, personal development, IBS, phobias, fear & worry, gambling, and more.

For more detailed information about the kinds of things hypnosis services can help with please visit the Brisbane Hypnosis Centre website HERE (New Window)

Procrastination Guidebook & Audios

Help for people who procrastinate.  The Forwards program by Glenn Chandler draws on his experience in clinical hypnotherapy …plus a tiny bit of Stoicism, sensible and effective wisdom found in Buddhist practices, together with modern understandings of the mind gained by neuroscience. 60 page Guidebook, 3 hypnosis audios & daily emails to reinforce your progress.

Meditation Training

Glenn has maintained a lifelong daily meditation practice, and along with offering hypnosis services he enjoys teaching others meditation techniques they can use to develop their own practice.

Click here to visit our other website you can find more information about the relationship between hypnosis and meditation. 

More about Glenn Chandler

Glenn is a Clinical Member of the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH). Clinical Members of GoAH have completed hypnotherapy training that meets the highest standards in our industry. Post-study, Members must commit to 20+ hours of Continuing Professional Development annually, and engage in monthly clinical supervision. 

Clinical Hypnotherapists like Glenn who have worked consistently in practice also learn a lot from their clients. Each hypnotherapist will practice differently, according to their own personality, life experience, training and therapeutic philosophy, but ultimately the work itself must be guided by you and your needs. This becomes easier to do when the practitioner has experience to draw from. 

Glenn lives by the North Pine River with his wife Rachel, his dogs Jasper and Kali, and 3 rescued cockatiels. He plays Classical piano, is teaching himself to play the banjo, shows up to parkrun most weeks, and wants to be an F1 driver when he grows up. 

23+ Years Experience

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Registered with GoAH & HCA

Full Time Practice